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The idea of this project was born through my pure love for branding design and a UX design course that I was attending, during which the attendants were asked to create their own brand and base their ux design process on it.

Project Type:

Concept work


“Green Grill”


Green Grill is a vegan restaurant in New York that aims to not only offer delicious vegan dishes but also to promote a cruelty-free attitude by changing the culture of barbecue, which is often linked to the consumption of meat and a masculine behavior. The menu of the restaurant consists of a small number of dishes focusing on taste while providing a warm space where people meet to socialize sharing a meat-free barbecue dish or a wrap with their drink. The restaurant is open from midday for a siesta under the sunlight until midnight offering some delicious dishes to accompany one’s drink. Green Grill is not a fast food brand but neither a luxurious restaurant, therefore the average cost of menu costs more than a fast food restaurant but is still affordable ($$).



1. To build a fresh, colorful, friendly vegan brand 

2. To demonstrate a cruelty-free attitude without following stereotypes but with a warm and not aggressive mood.



A minimal logo-mark demonstrating the “Green Grill” concept and a sans-serif logotype with rounded corners to create a fresh, modern mood. Furthermore the design’s objective is to differentiate from a low-cost fast food restaurant but also from the fancy, luxurious restaurant concept. I drew and applied illustrations to demonstrate the cozy feeling and warmth and mostly the values of Green Grill in a non-aggressive approach that aims in socializing and changing behaviors around a cruelty-free table.