Type of Work




  • Package Design
  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Typography

The Challenge

Redesign the packaging of the Greek vintage toothpick brand “ΤΙΓΡΙΣ” meaning tiger in Greek.

The Solution

“ΤΙΓΡΙΣ” or tiger in English is an old Greek toothpick brand from the 70s. As part of my personal exploration I decided to redesign the package of the famous Greek retro brand. The straight shape of the toothpick element lead me to the decision to use geometrical shapes for this project. Moreover my main inspiration for my design were the tiger stripes which could be interpreted as the toothpicks in this case where tiger is the mascot of the brand. For the “ΤΙΓΡΙΣ” logotype I designed a bold serif type to remind the strong, colourful posters after the industrial revolution.


Custom typography for tiger toothpick package design


& Packaging

Logo color alternatives for tiger toothpick package design by Angie Georgiadi