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This project was created as a submission to the logo design competition held by Satori Graphics. According to the brief provided:
 Sapor Wines was founded in Italy back in 2011, yet has since started to secure sales and distribution throughout Europe as a whole. It’s a small to medium sized business that is family owned and managed.It produces and sells both white and red wines, of a fairly high standard and quality.



1) Create a new logo design to represent it throughout Europe, as it plans to become more notorious and influential in the wine sector. 
2) Help the brand build a firm presence for the business,and create a memorable buzz around the name ‘Sapor’.
3) Even though the business was founded within Italy and is still based there today, the logo should not render the business confined to Italy or an Italianconsumer base.
Words / Phrases Linked To Sapor:
quality, premium, original, family, fine, pure, natural, sophisticated



My logo for Sapor Wines is a combination of a logomark and a logotype. I got inspired by how the organic shape of the letter ‘S’ itself  could create a form of a monogram that reminds the stems of grapes and at the same time an elegant serif  S to empower the brand’s name. I also experienced with various forms of grape leaves and I reached to a shape that created some negative space within the S and also added more character to the grape related mood. For the  logotype I used the “Cinzel” typeface regular font which has an organic elegant serif form and it is inspired by the first century roman subscription expressed in a contemporary way and thus has a strong European character. The main logo is a stamp including the establishment date of Sapor Wines to create also a feeling of heritage. Finally I have added some complementary elements and an alternative for various applications of the brand.